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  • 3 Alarming Signs that your Main Sewer Line is having a Major Clog

    plumberbondi main-sewer-line-clog A main sewer line that is having a major clog isn’t a plumbing problem that should be taken lightly. Leaving your sewer line clogged will not only cause fixture issues, but will also escalate to an extent where your plumbing and sewer system being destroyed. Look out for these alarming signs that your main sewer line is having a major clog. If you notice any of these signs, be sure to confirm your suspicions first by having a plumber survey the condition of the sewer pipe.

    1. Most of your plumbing fixtures are clogged

    If ever the sewer line is being obstructed by debris and build-up, the toilet is the first one that has the clogged issues along with other plumbing fixtures in the household. Singular and isolated clogged drains usually have issues with the drain pipes such as accumulation of residue, and it’s not caused by the main sewer line. When you noticed that most of the drains in your home are obstructed, then you have to do some precautionary measures to prevent the situation from getting worse. Your top priority should be the toilet since it has the nearest line to the main pipes, and will most likely have a sewage overflow–something that you really want to avoid from happening.

    2. Odd malfunctions when using fixtures

    Aside from the clogged drains, you also need to watch out for some odd malfunctions that are happening when you use some of your plumbing fixtures. For example: when you flush the toilet and there is water suddenly disbursing coming out of the bathtub. This doesn’t happen with a fully functional toilet, but it does occur if your main sewer line is blocked. You see, if your toilet has become completely blocked, it will look for other channels to get out of the pipeline. It just so happens that the bathtub is free from debris which is why it moved out through its drain.

    There is one form of test that you can use to easily determine that your main sewer pipe is obstructed. All you need to do is to find the sink that’s nearest to the toilet and just run water into it. If you notice that bubbles are forming or the water level is rising in the toilet, then the main sewer is probably clogged heavily.

    3. Water is flowing up in your sewer clean out

    Some of you may don’t know what a sewer clean out. It’s just a black or white pipe that has an interweaving cap. This allows for easier access to your sewer line so that you can remove any form of clogs with minimum effort. You first need to find this pipe; it’s usually located outside the house, particularly at the sides. The cap sealing the clean out can be screwed or just pulled off, depending on the type. Take a peek at the clean out and if you see that the water is flowing upwards, outside of the pipe, or just stagnated, then this affirms your suspicions of a main sewer line clog.