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  • 4 Reasons to have a Vitrified Clay Pipe in Your Sewer Line

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    A plumbing system and a sewage line are determined in strength and service life by the materials that make up the system. In such, the quality of each material is the guarantee of the homeowners that their waste disposal system will hold up to at least half the expected years of service. In this connection, it is important that the homeowner or the contractor chooses the right kind of materials to make the system sturdy and efficient in its job.
    Today, the range of materials to choose from is even broader than it used to in the past. With the advancement in technology, plumbing materials are perfected and tweaked to best suit the needs of a certain area. Some materials are completely newly discovered while others come about in attempts to help the wastes of the society dwindle by recycling them into much useful objects.
    Among the new types of sewer pipes is the vitrified clay pipe. These pipes are useful on the sense that they are effectively functional even under extreme environmental conditions such as high temperature. These are primary constructed out of clay and shale, hardened and vitrified.

    Here are other advantages to a vitrified clay pipe sewer line that you might be interested in:

    1.High Dynamic Flow on Dry Seasons

    One very useful property of a Vitrified Clay pipe sewer line is that the line can support a fluid flow of liquid inside the pipes even on extremely dry seasons. This property comes in handy when the rains fall far apart in the dry seasons that the sewage load of the system is mostly composed of dry and sticky wastes that can interfere with the system’s self-cleaning activities having used any other pipe variation. However, since a Vitrified Clay pipe is practically smooth in the surface, the wastes will have no problem sliding through the entire system aided by the gravity supported by the degree of declivity that every Gravity Sewer System should possess.

    2.Longer Flow Record

    With the Vitrified Clay pipe, the flow time of the wastes from the residential space to the treatment plant is reduced due to the properties of the pipe. Also, there is an increase in the flow time that is directly proportional to the putrefaction time. Putrefaction is important to make sure that the wastes make it out of the pipe before they start to rot. This is because as they do, they release acids that can cause interior corrosion leading to pipe deterioration.

    3.Withstanding Heavy Loads

    Sewer pipes are industrial lines carrying the wastes of an entire settlement and passing through places with heavy foot and vehicle traffic which is a very good factor to make sure that the lines are as strong as the contractor can possible make them be. Vitrified Clay pipes are perfect for this need. The material has extremely high resistance to stress imposed by the load it carries and, the dead load and live load above it.

    4.Eco-friendly Material

    The materials that make up a Vitrified Clay pipe is recyclable which makes the pipe virtually eco-friendly. Aside from that, vitrified clay pipes have high resistance against gas emission making it environmentally harmless.