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  • 5 Hazardous Things to your Sewer Lines and Drainage Pipes

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    Keeping your drains and pipes in a good condition is a great idea to avoid some plumbing issues. There are some cases where you think that what you are doing is helping you maintain your plumbing system but the real thing is, you are just bringing or making things worse. This is mainly due to some practices that you have done in your plumbing system. Here are the things that home owners must be aware of as these can endanger your entire plumbing system.

    1. Waste Disposal

    You may or you may not have a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen sink, you should pay attention to the materials or substances that go down into your drain. There are some limitations in the garbage disposal unit and pipelines that the home owners must be aware of and completely understand. The main reason for the blockages and early deterioration of pipes are mainly due to the inappropriate management of the household wastes. There are some cases where you sometimes probably treat your toilet and sinks as a trash can which is indeed a big no-no. Never treat these plumbing fixtures as a trash can as it can endanger your drains and pipes.

    2. Detrimental Techniques

    These techniques include unclogging and maintenance techniques, improper cleaning, epic usage of the plunger and incorrect repair solutions give to the drainage problems. These techniques can sometimes be effective, only when it is properly done. The inappropriate execution of the repair process to drains could be disheartening and annoying to most home owners. If you do not have an adequate amount of knowledge regarding drain cleaning and repairs, might as well call for help from a plumbing professional to do the task for you. In connection to this, might as well avoid doing some techniques if you’re not quite sure to avoid further damages.

    3. Skipping Inspections

    Plumbing professionals would advise you to have your pipes and sewer systems inspected regularly either once every few years or annually. Through these inspections, you can immediately determine some obscurities within your pipeline. With this, damages will be given an immediate remedy. Skipping inspections or having your pipes not inspected can leave some damages unidentified which can become worse and can be much costly.

    4. Chemical-based Cleaners

    Most home owners probably think that a chemical based cleaner is an effective way to get rid of blockages and to maintain drains. Actually, these materials are not helpful. There is a great tendency that your pipes will deteriorate easily once you keep on using these chemical cleaners. The chemical reaction is actually hazardous to the interior walls of your pipe. Once you continuously use this as drain cleaners, your pipes might corrode and weaken which is prone to leaks, damages and may deteriorate early. It also contains severe health issues to you and to the public once exposed. Plumbing professionals would advise home owners to avoid using these chemicals as they bring harm than help. If you want to use cleaning products, then consult for some alternatives from a professional. In addition to this, it would be better to choose a home solution that is much more accessible but lesser damage.

    5. DIY repairs

    Doing some repairs on your own is indeed a great idea and you probably might think that it is an effective way. DIY repairs are cost-effective but we must not rely on this. There are some cases when we do repairs on our own without having enough knowledge about it, the problem may become worse. Once the problem becomes worse, it can lead to further damages and can cost you much. In this case, it would be better to hand the task to the professional no matter how small the issue is.