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  • 5 Primary Merits of Relining Damaged Sewer Pipes

    sewer-pipeIt is undeniable that as our plumbing system gets old, they get weaker and weaker and become easily worn out. Every homeowner hates encountering plumbing troubles such as sewer line clogs or bursts because repairing them costs a lot of money, time and effort. Following the classic way of pipeline repair procedures would not only consume your hard-earned dollars, time and effort, it will also destroy you well-landscaped property. Digging the entire trench length, extracting them from the ground and throwing them away are a laborious procedure we do not want to undergo. Thus, it would be better to try the modern way of rehabilitating damaged pipes which are pipe relining. Pipe relining or no-dig technology aims to rehabilitate your sewer lines without causing any destruction to your property, undergoing the laborious trench digging and wasting pipes by throwing them away when they as still beneficial. Here are the further benefits and advantages of pipe relining or the no-dig technology.


    It is indeed certain that the classic methods of sewer pipe rehabilitation cost much compared to pipe relining. This is because there are many factors that will cause the increase of the contractor's’ service rates. Here are the reasons why pipe relining is less expensive compared to the conventional way of sewer pipe repair procedures. The service rate will be lessened due to the reduction of the excavation process. Extensive digging would be very laborious to the workers and would need to run heavy excavation equipment for several days wasting too much fuel. Pipe relining would require less labourers resulting to reduced service rate. The damaged pipe, when utilizing the classic method, would be wasted and would demand a brand new pipe replacement. You would have to spend a penny to purchase the trench while in pipe relining, the damaged pipe will still be beneficial because it will only be relined and enhanced to get rid of the damage. The restoration processes of your destroyed property and the landscaping of your lawns, gardens and yards again would add up to the expenses you will face when opting for the conventional pipe repair method.

    Negligible Property Derangement

    Pipe relining, unlike the classic pipe repair method, wouldn’t cause too much destruction to your property as it has reduced the digging procedures for up to 80%. Only two pits will be excavated, the feeding pit and the receiving pit thus, reducing the destruction and burdens on your property saving you from any restoration processes.

    Quick Turnaround Time

    When you opt for pipe relining, you wouldn’t have to wait for several days in order for the procedure to be completed. Pipe relining would only take a few hours and you can already utilise your sewer pipes when the lining is already cured. Unlike the conventional way, you would have to wait for several days as digging would definitely take time.

    Intensified Industrial Strength

    Pipe relining would ensure you that you would never face the same trouble again as it has increased your pipe’s strength and durability like a brand new pipe. The lining used by many pipe relining companies are strong enough to resist corrosion, root intrusion, stress caused by dynamic load, change in pressure and varied temperature.

    Increased Structural Performance

    Pipe relining utilises epoxy resin linings and these linings are ensured to increasing your pipe’s capacity. The texture of these linings is smooth enough to refrain any build-up within the walls that may cause clogs and obstructions.