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  • 5 Reasons why Epoxy Resin is used a lot by Pipe Lining Contractors

    Plumberbondi Pipe Lining Contractors

    A popular method in pipe restoration that’s being used today is pipe relining. Many pipe repair contractors prefer this method over others. This pipe repair is simple and doesn’t require a lot of manual labour.

    The whole process of pipe relining is to ensure that the resin liner will bond well with the old pipe lining. Advanced equipment and engineering techniques are used for the integration of the resin liner. The resin liner should be of high quality after all the work and equipment done to integrate it in the pipe lining. A commonly used resin material for pipe lining is epoxy resin. The majority of lateral lining contractors prefer to use epoxy resin for their work. Here are the reasons why:
    1. Its much stronger than majority of resin liners out there

    There are actually three resin types that are frequently used by pipe lining contractors. We have the polyester, vinyl ester, and of course epoxy. The epoxy resin is the strongest among these resins. The durability of epoxy is better than the majority of pipe materials out there. It’s estimated that the epoxy resin has a lifespan of 100 years.
    2. Impenetrable against root attacks

    Root attacks are a common problem with sewer lines. The roots simply enter a small opening or crack in the pipe and start growing until it overruns the pipes. Roots that mature and become larger can cause great damage against the sewer pipeline. Epoxy resin can’t be easily broken so it’s less prone to root invasions. The roots will have trouble penetrating the thick epoxy layer.
    3. Epoxy resin doesn’t have any volatile organic compounds (VOC)

    Volatile organic compounds are present in most resin materials. In fact, common resin liners like polyester and vinyl ester actually contain VOCs. These compounds have carcinogens which are dangerous. Proper application of these resins that have carcinogens is recommended. Epoxy resin does not have a hint of VOCs and carcinogens which makes it completely safe.
    4. It doesn’t have styrene compound

    Styrene can produce an unsettling chemical odour which can leave any homeowner packing. If the work site doesn’t have any proper ventilation then the styrene smell is prevalent. The styrene odour may cause allergies to both the workers. These workers should wear proper protective equipment. Epoxy resin may be composed of compounds but it doesn’t contain anything that’s harmful. There is no styrene in epoxy resin liners so rest assured — you won’t have to worry about the chemical odour.
    5. Epoxy resin can tightly attach to the pipe lining

    In truth, all resin liners will eventually loosen its grip with the pipe lining. The reason for this is that it will to continue shrink after many years since its installation. Epoxy is a unique resin that is able to stick into the pipe lining for a long time. Its tensile strength helps keep it in form even after many years since it has bonded with the pipes. Epoxy will subside but it has the lowest shrinkage compared to other resin liners out there.