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  • The 6 Astounding Benefits Offered by Vitrified Clay Pipes

    vitrified clay pipes

    The various components of the plumbing system are made up of diverse materials containing different levels of strengths and limitations. One of them is Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP) which was common back in the days. However, due to their porous attribute, they became so vulnerable to root infiltration and they tend to break and crush after decades. Yet in the modern plumbing schemes, clay pipes are not left behind in the various technological innovations and have improved so much with the help of technological advancements. They are now made up of a blend of clay and shale which is to be dried and heater to acquire the anticipated lustrous yield. This makes them acquire so much benefits and advantages and preferable to most homeowners.

    The following are more advantages and benefits of vitrified clay pipes if they are used as sewer pipes.


    • Endures inert and dynamic loading

    One of the things that lessens the life span and quality performance of sewer pipes is the stress they experience as they are located below the ground- especially those that are located below roads. Because of this, we would need a quality pipe that can withstand and resist the stress brought by the static and dynamic loading. The ceramic or glass properties of vitrified clay pipes make it possible for them to endure the aforementioned stress thus, retaining their well-being and structural performance.


    • Impervious to scrapes and scruffs

    Gravels and hard solid deposits would likely accumulate the surrounding of your sewers as they are buried. They can potentially scratch, scrape and irritate the pipe. Because of the intense heating process undergone by vitrified clay pipes, they became resistant to scratches and abrasions. In addition to that, the smooth surface of vitrified clay pipes causes the pipe to have an increased the flow capacity compared to other pipe materials.


    • Astonishing strength and resilience

    It’s apparent that all pipes experience deterioration as they age. When they do, they would cause plumbing ills that would ruin the entire system. This would cause every homeowner to look and search for a durable pipe they can rely for a long time.

    Vitrified clay pipe’s durability makes it serviceable for a century. It is because they are composed of refined clay assortments that have undergone intense heating making them durable and sturdy. They are as well secured when water jetting as they can withstand the pressure of the water without even having a glitch.


    • Chemical resistance

    The primary causes of sewer pipe deterioration are the corrosive substances thrown and drained through the pipes. They cause degradation and threaten your pipe’s well-being. Vitrified clay pipe has the ability to resist the destruction caused by caustic or acidic substances and is highly capable of putting up with substances that are highly acidic for up to pH 14.


    • Environment-friendly

    Vitrified clay pipes are the eco-friendliest pipe material among all that has existed. They are made of ceramic remnants basically coming from the earth and are made with no chemical composition. They would only undergo an intense heating to ensure their stability. When clay pipes become dysfunctional, they can be recycled for other projects while metal pipes are to be junked and thrown when no longer beneficial.


    • Unassailable to corrosion and fragmentation

    Being entirely composed of clay and ceramic remnants, VCP is unquestionably insusceptible to corrosion and fragmentation. If you opt for VCP, you can certainly be saved from the unwieldy piping problems caused by corrosion.