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  • 6 Reasons Why Pipe Relining Is the Best Option to Repair Sewer Pipes

    drdrip pipe reliningAlongside technological advancement is the innovative way of repair in your plumbing system. Pipe relining serves as a smart approach in rehabilitating broken drains in every household. Such approach enables you to do the repair on your pipes without excavating the old ones to save you from time-intensive and expensive dig-up. Epoxy resin pipe is primarily used in pipe relining by fitting it into the existing drain and let it be cured. Why this latest plumbing technology is the best? Read through to learn what it takes to execute pipe relining in your plumbing system.

    1. Safety – Disrupted ground surface poses huge risk to homeowners. The holes, trenches and piled heaps of debris from this surface may eventually cause any type of accident. Moving around this area or surface can be very difficult. Pets and young ones are also susceptible to accidents. You need to deal with this issue right by relining your pipes for safe environment maintenance.
    2. Minimal Landscape Disruption – excavating drains for the repair of the affected areas, causing major upheavals on your landscape. Destroyed plant cover and removed installed ground cover during the excavation need to be replaced right after the completion of the repair. Complete restoration of the disrupted ground surface may take more time, adding to your financial costs. However, you can spare yourself from all these when you prefer to reline your damaged pipes and reduce the possibility of for disruption to occur again.
    3. Inexpensive Repair – Relining your pipe is less expensive way of maintaining your home. You will pay less in your repair cost mainly because less labour is involved and surface excavation is not necessary. It would be best to reline your damaged pipes rather than do the excavation given the span of time that is required for vegetation maturity.
    4. Durability of the System – Adding epoxy resin pipe into your old pipe reinforces your piping system, as you will end up having two pipes in a single unit. Relining gets rid of the weak joints and points in your piping system, making it very efficient.
    5. Value to Your Home – When doing home inspections, the drainage system serves as one of the primary focuses. High efficiency in your drainage service is assured when you have a well-designed system. Pipe relining helps reinforce your existing system, enhancing the efficacy of the drainage. This will surely improve the efficacy of your drainage system and a boost for the value of your home.
    6. Quick Turnaround Time – Pipe relining only requires lesser time than when have to excavate and repair. You will be able to rehabilitate your pipes in areas that are difficult to reach right away. This method promises quick turnaround time, keeping the installation charges lower. It lets you restore the environment to its original shape faster.

    Take note that the resin pipe in pipe relining need to conform to the route and size of your old drain for effective rehabilitation. This method will help improve the flow of water through its piping system.