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  • Advantages of Using Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

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    For many decades, a lot of pipe repair services are using trenchless sewer pipe solutions when strengthening or refurbishing old and/or damaged pipes. There are actually two distinct classifications that are under trenchless sewer pipe repair namely: trenchless rehabilitation and trenchless replacement. The difference between the two is that in rehabilitating pipes, a pipe liner or even an entire pipe is plugged into the pipe system to become its main pipeline. In trenchless pipe replacement, the old pipes are busted, destroyed or pulled out while the new pipe takes up its place. Pipe rehabilitation is preferred, but in any case that the method won’t be applicable, pipe replacement is then used. Whatever form of trenchless repair there is, the methods basically share the same advantage; learn more about them below.

    • Interruption to the public and damage to properties & landscape is kept to a minimal

    Replacing or even just repairing sewer pipes with the use of the more traditional open
    excavations was truly a nightmare for anyone living or passing through the work area. The equipment used for digging is very noisy and will definitely interrupt residents, but the most problematic issue with excavations is the extent of the damage done by the process. Small dig sites are not really much of an issue but can still cause moderate damage to properties nearby, but a large excavation is something that will change the entire landscape. The cost for the repairs and clean-up will add up to the overall cost of the operation. Trenchless sewer pipe repair may still need excavation but it’s actually way smaller compared to conventional digging. Most of the time, the excavation done in trenchless repair is to create a hole which is big enough for the pipes to enter, or if come collapsed section of the main pipes need to be removed.

    • Time needed for completion is lower

    In traditional excavation, if you add the excavation process plus the actual replacement and installation of the pipes, the time needed for the work to be completely done will take a few weeks, not adding the clean-up. The reason why it takes so long for old pipe repair methods to be done is that the large-scale excavation takes too much time in the whole repair process. Workers have to be extra careful with the excavation since it’s indeed a hazardous type of work. In fact, some people actually have to go away from their homes for a long time just to avoid the inconveniences brought by the excavation. A lot of trenchless sewer pipe repair methods can be done in just one day or just a few hours, especially with pipe rehabilitation. Some trenchless pipe replacement solutions may take a few days, but it’s definitely much faster than old pipe repair methods.

    • It’s more environment-friendly and safe

    Opening up a sewer pipe will invite health hazards since a lot of sewage wastes are exposed to the public or work area, not to mention the risks of a massive sewage leak. In most cases with trenchless pipe repair, opening up or excavating the sewer pipe is kept at a minimum, lowering the risks of sewer waste health hazards.