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  • Commonly Asked Questions about Sewer Pipe Relining


    Most probably, burst, damaged or leaky pipes are not on your favourite to-do-list. Repairing sewage pipes can even cost you a lot in terms of landscaping, actual repair and water bills. Worry no more as there are now various repair methods that can be done by professional plumbers, depending on the assessed pipe damage. Some of these repair procedures are more effective and efficient than the others. The newer, most effective repair methods are being attributed to trenchless technologies such as pipe relining.


    How Does Pipe Relining Work?

    Traditionally, repair of burst, leaky or damaged pipe would be a dramatic ordeal between landscaping, holes in your lawn, and the span of time in doing repairs. This method readily requires the entire pipe to be replaced. Thanks to innovation, newer technologies that are more cost-effective and efficient emerged: the trenchless technology or pipe relining.

    Pipe relining allows expert plumbers to reline a sewer pipe with less digging in few hours. This method relies on the cause of the damage, the type of pipe, and the physical location of the pipe. Among the other trenchless technologies utilized by plumbing service providers are pipe bursting, manhole-to-manhole lining, and lateral lining.

    In some cases, the damage of pipes is severe leading to its inability to withstand the heat caused by trenchless technology’s sealing processes. This is when the assistance of a trusted, reliable plumber is necessary in evaluating the condition of the pipe.


    How Much Does a Sewer Pipe Relining Cost?

    The cost incurred in a sewer pipe-relining project is dependent on the placement of the pipe, the extent of its damage, and the methods used for its repair. Trenchless technology used in sewer relining is less expensive when compared to the traditional repair in a variety of circumstances. The cost of this technology also covers the advanced technologies and other materials used. Price tags for the repair also depend on the applications used during the whole process.

    In addition, pipeline repair is definitely not a one-size-fits-all job. Repairs of damaged pipeline are circumstantial and can vary based on the cause of damage, the type of pipe and its physical location on a property. These things are referred to as the primary cost factors for pipe repair.


    How to Search and Choose the Right Trenchless Sewer Contractor Professional?

    Ask your neighbours or friends if they had their pipelines done. Use the information you got from them through phone call. Consider these points when contacting your prospective contractors:

    • The years the contractors have been in the business (a minimum of 5 years is recommended).
    • The cleanliness of the work done since trenchless method can sometimes be messy when necessary sanitation is undermined.
    • The company should own the required equipment for the entire project. This would be an indication that it has invested significant amount for staff training.
    • The products used and the length of the warranties, which may cover the manufacturer’s contact.

    Hopefully, this information on trenchless technology of pipe relining will educate customers on everything about plumbing.