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  • Deter Sewer Line Clogs with these tips

    Plumberbondi Deter Sewer Line Clogs

    Sewer line clogs mustn’t be a plumbing problem that you can just leave alone. Not solving the said issue will not only escalate the degree of the damage but also put your household in deep trouble. If you noticed signs that your sewer line is getting clogged then have a qualified plumber check the sewer system and have it unclogged or repaired if needed be. For those of you who don’t want this problem in their home or just don’t want to happen again, then you need to learn how to deter sewer line clogs–check out some of the tips below.

    Keeping a great distance between plants from the sewer pipes

    Homeowners often overlook the threat of certain vegetation that they plant in their backyard. They’re too focused in beautifying their lawn that they forget or don’t know that these plants can be a potential danger to the sewer pipes and water lines near their household. There are species of plants like trees and shrubs that are obtrusive. Sewer pipes are actually a great source of plant nutrient since it has a lot of water and a few hints of soil. Naturally, the roots will go through the sewer pipes via cracks or damaged in the pipeline. As time goes by, the roots will continue to grow until it’s large enough to cause clogs or even a complete blockade in the sewer line. Using copper sulphate and cutting machines are only effective against small roots, so you need to cut the tree that’s causing the root attack. Of course, the hassle of removing the roots and trees can be avoided if you can keep a great distance between the plants and the sewer pipes. You should also know the characteristics of the plants you’re putting in your backyard, because some tree species have destructive roots.

    Always keep the drains clean and clear

    Anything you flush down the drains will go to the sewer line, so it makes perfect sense to keep it free from debris, residue, and other materials that may cause obstructions. You need to stick to preventive maintenance to ensure the drains are in tip top condition. Also, using chemical drain cleaners have actually become quite a fad among homeowners. You need to be careful in using such chemical agents since both drain pipes and sewer pipes tend to corrode if exposed all the time. There are pipes that are highly resistant to chemical exposure, but that doesn’t mean you can just pour as many chemical cleaners as you want since it can still cause damage to the pipe lining. A better and safe alternative is to use household drain cleaners like a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, or you can also use eco-friendly enzyme cleaners.

    Renew or repair your pipes

    Pipes that are too old and damaged tend to have clogs most of the time. In fact, there are occurrences in which the clog is caused by the crumbling parts of the pipe lining. If this is the issue then the pipes must be either repaired or completely renewed to avoid a more serious problem in the future.