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  • How to Keep Your Sewer Pipeline Clog-Free

    Plumberbondi Sewer Pipeline

    The first thing that comes to mind when people talk about clogs are drains and toilets. These are common problems a homeowner can encounter. Clogged drains and toilets are annoying but it can be solved with a plunger most of the time. Some plumbing problems like sewer line clogs can be difficult to fix. It can be troublesome for homeowners to clear sewer clogs since they don’t have access to the necessary tools. Even if they do, sewer clogs take a lot of work and requires professional cleaning. Follow the tips listed to keep your sewer pipeline clog-free.
    Large vegetation should not be near the sewer line

    First things first, you need to know exact location of your sewer line. You will be able to position the large vegetation far from the sewer pipes. The reason why the pipes and plants should be far from each other is to avoid a root invasion. You see, plant roots can go inside the sewer line and cause clogs. The larger the plant then the larger the roots it will grow. Avoid planting big trees or shrubs to keep your sewer pipe safe from root attacks. If you already have planted large vegetation then there are only two solutions for you. It’ either you transfer the plants in a farther location or just completely remove the plant. Transferring is only possible if the tree or shrub hasn’t fully grown yet. Completely uprooting the plants is the only option if it has already matured.
    Avoid turning your toilet into a water trash can

    We’re all guilty of throwing random items into the toilet. Perhaps the most common objects that get flushed are hygiene products. You must avoid flushing various objects in the toilet since it will cause sewer line clogs. These wastes can pile up in the sewer line and can cause problems in the future. For example: the wastes can be carried by a drain backup or toilet overflow. What you need to do to avoid this plumbing disaster is actually very simple. Just be sure that the only things you flush in your toilet are human excrement and toilet paper. Flushing toilet paper is okay since it can break down in the pipeline. Biodegradable toilet paper decomposes and won’t obstruct the pipeline.
    Don’t use chemicals when cleaning or unclogging the drains

    It’s not just the toilet that’s connected to the sewer line but your drains as well. Everything that goes into the drains will also go through the sewer pipes. The toilet has a more direct line but that doesn’t mean you can just ignore the drains. Using chemicals to clear out clogs in the drain line is damaging to both the drain and sewer pipes. These chemicals cause corrosion to the pipes over time. Some pipes are very durable and may take time to corrode; however, this doesn’t imply that you can freely use caustic chemicals. A better solution for your drain clogs are natural enzyme cleaners and plunging tools. These methods are not only safer but can clear most clogs.