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  • Thwart Sewer Pipe Clogs with these Tips

    Plubmer Bondi BlockedDrain A sewer line clog is a difficult problem to be faced by a homeowner alone. This isn’t some kind of drain or toilet clog that can be easily fixed with a use of a plunger and other basic plumbing equipment. You see, problems with the sewage system are often complicated and needs the expertise of a professional plumber in order to be solved. Prohibiting a sewer line clog should become one of your priorities in household maintenance if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience brought by sewer clogs.

    Reinforce the durability of your sewer pipeline
    There are situations in which the clog’s source is from the sewer pipe itself instead of other factors. The parts of a crumbling sewer pipeline can actually fall and obstruct the sewage structure. It’s either the pipes are old and starting to deteriorate or tree roots have invaded the lining and is causing a great amount of destruction. Reinforcing the pipe with a trenchless repair method called pipe relining is a great way to strengthen the pipe structure. Aside from that, this procedure is done by removing any blockage that is found in the sewer line, including roots if there are any present. However, if the pipe is beyond repair then it must be replaced as soon as possible. Are you having suspicions that your sewer pipe is damaged? If so, contact your local plumber and have it checked for confirmation and to provide assessment of the health of your sewer pipes.

    Cleaning maintenance for the pipes
    The sewer pipes will always have lumps of waste and even debris that can become obstructions if not addressed and solved. This makes cleaning maintenance of paramount importance. Doing the sewer pipe cleaning through the use of DIY methods can be quite a hassle and may not be effective. You’re better off calling a plumber to handle the cleaning maintenance since they have the necessary tools and supplies to deal with such work. They usually use a rooter machine to clean off the sewer lining. In some cases, a hydro jet is used to clear off the path while improving the water flow. Hydro jets are able to eliminate the clogs because of its powerful water pressure.

    Never drain fats and oils
    You’ll be surprise how much fats and oils are able to accumulate in a sewer line. There are even photos of massive fat and oil build-up is found in the sewage systems that are the source of a home’s large obstruction. For you not to experience these insane clogs, you should avoid disposing fats and oils into drains. Certain foods and ingredients such as cooking oils, grease, lard, butter, margarine and among others should be thrown into a trash can instead of your drain, especially in the kitchen sink.

    Don’t use chemical cleaners as part of your maintenance
    Remember that whatever item you drain will go to the sewer or septic system. Some people love using chemical drain products since it’s easy to use; you just pour the solution and your drain. What they don’t know is that these solutions tend to corrode the pipe lining and even kill the bacteria in your septic system. Avoid using these products at all and opt for a more eco-friendly solution.