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  • Tree Species that You Should Not Plant to Impede your Sewer Pipes from Being Damaged

    Plubmer Bondi Tree SpeciesAside from dumping random object wastes into the drains, another primary cause of clogged sewer pipes are tree roots. The optimal solution in halting a tree root invasion is to be aware where your plant trees and to be well-informed on what type of species are invasive and aggressive. By doing so, you will definitely prevent any issues regarding roots that are attacking your sewer pipes.

    Why you should not underestimate the roots
    Some homeowners often dismiss the power of these roots and disregard the threat. It’s not until they’re faced with a sewage stoppage done by immense roost that they realised how these things can be destructive. The roots are not only a threat to your sewer pipeline but to other parts in your house as well like the foundation, wet pathways, storm water drains, and any other areas that have water frequently.

    Some tree species are tenacious when it comes to searching for nourishment like water and other nutritional supplies. Sewer pipes have a lot of water, which is why it’s always vulnerable to root attacks. It’s a common misconception that roots directly invade the pipes, since it needs a small crack before it can enter the pipe lining. Furthermore, there are certain tree species that can still destroy pipe systems even if it still a sapling. As you are reading this, you may get the impression and belief that planting all manner of vegetation should be avoided. You can actually still plant trees but it’s much better if you have slow-growing trees or even shrubs that have small and non-disruptive roots.

    We are going to categorise the tree species depending on the threat level.

    Marginally aggressive trees but can also cause plenty of damage to underground pipes
    Australian White Cedar
    Coral trees
    Illawarra Flame Trees
    Large Gum trees
    Norfolk Island and Bunya pines
    Pepper trees
    Plane trees
    Pine trees

    Trees that you should avoid planting at all cost due to its extremely aggressive nature and large roots
    Camphor Laurel
    Fig trees
    Rubber plants

    Important Note:
    This isn’t a full list of the entire tree species that should be avoided in planting in your household, since there are numerous groups all the around the world, and there are even unique species that can thrive on specific regions and climate. What you can do is ask help from an arborist (tree expert), garden centres, or any service that offers advice on proper tree planting and information.

    Tree roots have already entered my pipeline, what should I do?
    If you’re already having trouble with tree roots that have infiltrated your sewer line, then the only option is to cut it inside the pipeline and remove the tree that is causing the damage. Hire a plumber to remove the roots in the sewer system as they have specific equipment for this type of job. Also, tell the tree-cutting services to remove the stump as well and other remaining roots of the tree.