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  • Useful Pointers on Protecting your Sewer Pipe from Tree Roots

    Plumber Bondi sewer is clogged

    You should think twice before you start planting trees in your garden. The roots of the vegetation will certainly search for nourishment, and your sewer pipes are rich in water and soil that the roots are looking for. Before you try to plant trees or other vegetation in your backyard, think first on how it can affect the pipes of your sewer line. However, if you have already planted some trees, then you need to do whatever it takes to safeguard your sewer pipeline from the roots. Check out these pointers.

    Check first the location of the pipeline

    The initial stage in protecting the sewer pipes from the roots is to know the exact location of the pipeline. Knowing where your pipes spot is needed for you to properly create barriers and efficiently plant trees without it threatening the integrity of your sewer line. You should also be aware that it’s not just the pipeline that can be affected by the roots but other utilities found underneath the ground such as cables, lines, stormwater drains, etc. Ask help from your local public work office to accurately locate these utilities.

    Construct a fortification near the pipes

    The aggressiveness and damage created by the roots will depend on the species of the tree. You can construct some sort of barricade to prevent the roots from entering the sewer line. If you found out that the trees in your household are very aggressive then it’s better to remove it just to be on the safe side. In regards to the barrier, you can create walls that are made from metal or wood. To make the wall even more effective, you can add chemicals like copper sulphate or potassium hydroxide to repel the roots. Be sure to place the berries 6 to 12 inches lower than the pipe.

    Use pipe relining to strengthen the pipe

    For those of you who are not familiar with pipe relining, it’s a trenchless repair process that improves the structure of the pipe while making it more protected against corrosion, pipe leaks, and of course, tree roots. You can even benefit more from this pipe repair method since the plumbers will first clear the pipes from roots and other obstructions that they can find. Also, you don’t have to go through the hassles brought by excavation since pipe relining can be done without any digging. The pipe liner is simply introduced to the host pipe through some kind of access area.

    Determining if there is a root invasion

    It’s actually quite tricky to conclude if your sewer pipes have been infested with roots. Among the few indicators of a blocked sewer pipeline is having clogs in your plumbing fixtures and some toilet issues. Of course, these can be mistaken as a common plumbing problem that a lot of homeowners have to deal with each year. If you want to affirm if there are roots tangling in your sewer pipes, your best bet is to just call a professional plumber to carry out a sewer examination. They usually use a camera to survey the sewer pipeline.