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  • Why Pipe Relining is an Environment-Friendly Pipe Repair Solution

    Plumber Bondi Pipe ReliningSome pipe repair methods that are used by contractors have negative effects on the environment; mostly because it involves a lot of digging. This excavation process is an integral part to a few pipe repair solutions, but it can cause landscapes to be altered, possibly weaken the foundation & structure of nearby buildings, and even create hazards. Fortunately, through innovation and the advancement of technology, trenchless pipe rehabilitation methods were created. This changed how pipe repair is done and forced plumbing contractors to embrace this newfound solution. Although, pipe relining is a better choice for pipe repair, there are still people who have no knowledge of this method. Here are some of the reasons why pipe relining is an environment-friendly pipe repair solution.

    It averts landscape destruction to local habitats
    This is more focused on rural areas or small towns that require pipe repairs, since these locations are very near to wildlife environment. There are actually consequences when doing trench digging in rural areas, since this destructive process can affect not just the landscape but the trees and ground which are most likely occupied by wildlife. A far better solution for pipe repairs is of course, pipe relining. This trenchless pipe rehabilitation works wonders since no digging is necessary. Some of you may be wondering how is it possible to conduct a pipe repair if there is no excavation. The thing is that a flexible liner composed of epoxy resin or fibreglass is interpolated into the sewer line through a manhole or any other entry point, thus, no digging is needed for the process to work.

    Efficient in consuming resources
    When it comes to classic pipe replacement methods, a diesel-fuelled excavator must be running for many days, which consumes a lot of fuel and energy. Furthermore, the longer the process, the more costly it becomes, which is something you don’t want to happen. Pipe relining on the other hand only uses a few equipment and doesn’t require too much sources to be completed. In fact, the whole process of pipe relining can be done in a day or less. Major usage of water sources is done when the pipe liner needs to be cured though hot steam or water. In some cases, a plumbing contractor will use a water jet to blast away the debris or small roots with its pressurised water stream. Depending on the company, the water used may be recycled or not.

    No need to worry about health hazards
    In regular pipe replacement, it’s not just the devastation you have to worry about but public health safety as well, but how? Here’s how it goes; when you open dig up a sewer line, you’re not just exposing the pipes but also a few sewage waste. Aside from that, there may be a possibility of a sewer leakage. Exposing the public to these elements is not just unsanitary but can also threaten public health. As you already know, pipe relining has no excavation so you don’t have to worry about exposing sewage waste to the general population.